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 ZCL initialization data and API
 ZCL common types and definitions
 ZCL attributes reporting
 ZCL commands shared by all clusters
 ZCL clusters

Detailed Description

Command manipulation API naming conventions.
ZCL commands (both general and cluster specific) are divided into 2 complementary types: requests and responses.

1) Structures for command requests have postfix _req, for responses - _res correspondingly.

2) Macro definitions for parsing commands have postfixes _REQ and _RES for requests/responses parsing, respectively. Id est:

3) Macro definitions for sending cluster commands request/respons:

4) For composing and sending command with variable number of parameters:

5) Parameters list for macro definitions for sending requests/responses:

More comprehensive documentation and API usage examples could be found in subsections describing particular clusters and HA device test source code.