nPM1300 EK sample


This sample is provided for evaluation of the nPM1300 EK. The sample provides a shell interface to support the features of the nPM1300 PMIC, including:

  • Regulators (BUCK1/2, LDO1/2)

  • GPIO


The shield needs to be wired to a host board supporting the Arduino connector.

Examples and images to follow

Building and Running

The sample is designed so that it can run on any platform. For example, when building for the nRF52 DK, the following command can be used:

west build -b nrf52dk/nrf52832 samples/shields/npm1300_ek

Note that this sample automatically sets SHIELD to npm1300_ek. Once flashed, you should boot into the shell interface. The regulator command is provided to test the PMIC. Below you can find details for each subcommand.


The regulator shell interface provides several subcommand to test the regulators embedded in the PMIC. Below you can find some command examples.

# list all the supported voltages by BUCK1
regulator vlist BUCK1
1.000 V
1.100 V
# enable BUCK2
regulator enable BUCK2
# disable BUCK2
regulator disable BUCK2
# set BUCK2 voltage to exactly 2V
regulator vset BUCK2 2V
# obtain the actual BUCK1 configured voltage
regulator vget BUCK1
1.800 V
# set BUCK1 voltage to a value between 2.35V and 2.45V
regulator set BUCK1 2.35V 2.45V
# obtain the actual BUCK1 configured voltage
regulator get BUCK1
2.400 V