Moving to West

To convert a “pre-west” Zephyr setup on your computer to west, follow these steps. If you are starting from scratch, use the Getting Started Guide instead. See Troubleshooting West for advice on common issues.

  1. Install west.

    On Linux:

    pip3 install --user -U west

    On Windows and macOS:

    pip3 install -U west

    For details, see Installing west.

  2. Move your zephyr repository to a new zephyrproject parent directory, and change directory there.

    On Linux and macOS:

    mkdir zephyrproject
    mv zephyr zephyrproject
    cd zephyrproject

    On Windows cmd.exe:

    mkdir zephyrproject
    move zephyr zephyrproject
    chdir zephyrproject

    The name zephyrproject is recommended, but you can choose any name with no spaces anywhere in the path.

  3. Create a west workspace using the zephyr repository as a local manifest repository:

    west init -l zephyr

    This creates zephyrproject/.west, marking the root of your workspace, and does some other setup. It will not change the contents of the zephyr repository in any way.

  4. Clone the rest of the repositories used by zephyr:

    west update

    Make sure to run this command whenever you pull zephyr. Otherwise, your local repositories will get out of sync. (Run west list for current information on these repositories.)

You are done: zephyrproject is now set up to use west.