Intel ADSP ACE 1.5


This board configuration is used to run Zephyr on the Intel ACE 1.5 Audio DSP. This configuration is present, for example, on Intel Meteor Lake microprocessors. Refer to Intel ADSP cAVS and ACE for more details on Intel ADSP ACE and CAVS.

System requirements

Xtensa Toolchain

If you choose to build with the Xtensa toolchain instead of the Zephyr SDK, set the following environment variables specific to the board in addition to the Xtensa toolchain environment variables listed in Intel ADSP cAVS and ACE.

export TOOLCHAIN_VER=RI-2021.7-linux
export XTENSA_CORE=ace10_LX7HiFi4

For older versions of the toolchain, set the toolchain variant to xcc.

Programming and Debugging

Refer to Intel ADSP cAVS and ACE for generic instructions on programming and debugging applicable to all CAVS and ACE platforms.