ZBOSS Zigbee stack

The nRF Connect SDK’s Zigbee stack uses ZBOSS – a portable, high-performance Zigbee software protocol stack that allows for interoperability, customizing, testing, and optimizing of your Zigbee solution.

The nrfxlib repository contains the following versions of the ZBOSS libraries:

  • Production version that contains the latest stable ZBOSS libraries. This version is enabled with the CONFIG_ZIGBEE_LIBRARY_PRODUCTION Kconfig option and its files are located in the zboss/production/ directory. This version is enabled by default.

    The production libraries fully conform to the certification, but they are not necessarily certified. See the compatibility matrices in the Infocenter for the certification status of the production library that is present in a given nRF Connect SDK release.

  • Development version that contains the latest version of ZBOSS libraries, with experimental features included. This version is enabled with the CONFIG_ZIGBEE_LIBRARY_DEVELOPMENT Kconfig option and its files are located in the zboss/development/ directory.

    This version might not conform to the latest Zigbee Pro R22 test specification. There is no guarantee that the library conforms to the certification.

For information about additional configuration of these libraries and their certification status, see ZBOSS library configuration. For detailed documentation of the ZBOSS API for these versions and instructions on how to use it, see ZBOSS API documentation.