Nordic Distance Measurement library

The Distance Measurement library measures the distance between devices. It can be used with nRF52 Series and nRF53 Series devices. It does the following:

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface for measuring distances.

  • Computes the distance using all the information available to the device.

  • Computes the distance based on the measured differential RF physical channel frequency response (MCPD mode) or the real time flight of packets (RTT mode).

  • Performs all the mathematics necessary to compute the distance inside the library.

The library is available as hard-float builds for the nRF52 Series. On the nRF53 Series, the library is available as a soft-float build for the network core. For the application core of the nRF53 Series there is a hard-float library that contains the compute-intensive post-processing functionality only. All libraries are included as pre-built static libraries.

The library has the following dependencies:

  • The DSP math library from CMSIS/DSP.

  • The functions from the C Library file math.h.