nRF 802.15.4 Radio Driver

The nRF 802.15.4 Radio Driver is a set of libraries that implement the IEEE 802.15.4 functionalities for the SoCs from the nRF52 and nRF53 families. The following functionalities are implemented:

  • Frame transmission.

  • Frame reception and filtering.

  • Acknowledgments. It allows sending and receiving acknowledgments according to the protocol specification and the timing requirements. Both Imm-Acks and Enh-Acks are supported.

  • Promiscuous mode.

  • Low power (sleep) mode.

  • Carrier transmission. It allows sending a carrier wave continuously, either modulated or unmodulated. This feature can be used for radio tests.

  • Multiprotocol support. It allows the concurrency of Bluetooth LE and 802.15.4 operations.

  • CSMA/CA support. It provides a built-in CSMA/CA mechanism, optimized for performance.

  • Delayed transmission and reception. It allows the scheduling of transmissions and receptions, to execute them at a predefined moment. It can be used for features like CSL, TSCH, and Zigbee GPP.

  • Timestamping. It provides precise frame timestamps.

  • PA/LNA. It allows the Radio Driver to control an external PA/LNA module to amplify the RF signal.

The 802.15.4 Radio Driver consists of the following libraries:

  • 802.15.4 Radio Core

  • 802.15.4 Service Layer

  • 802.15.4 Serialization

The libraries are compatible with the following SoCs:

  • nRF52833

  • nRF52840

  • nRF5340