IPCT support

group nrfx_interconnect_ipct

Support for IPCT interconnection services.


nrf_domain_t nrfx_interconnect_ipct_domain_get(nrfx_interconnect_ipct_t const *p_ipct_prop)

Function for getting the domain to which the specified IPCT belongs.

  • p_ipct_prop[in] Pointer to IPCT properties structure.


Domain that includes the specified IPCT.

nrfx_interconnect_ipct_t const *nrfx_interconnect_ipct_get(nrfx_interconnect_apb_t const *p_apb_prop)

Function for getting IPCT properties structure by pointer to APB bus properties structure to which this particular IPCT belongs.

  • p_apb_prop[in] Pointer to APB properties structure.


Pointer to the IPCT properties structure that belongs to the specified APB bus.

size_t nrfx_interconnect_ipct_global_num_of_get(void)

Function for getting number entries for global domain in IPCT peripheral properties array.


Number of entries in global IPCT peripheral properties array.

nrfx_interconnect_ipct_t const *nrfx_interconnect_ipct_global_by_idx_get(uint8_t idx)

Function for getting IPCT properties structure by index of IPCT peripheral properties array.

  • idx[in] Index of entry in IPCT peripheral properties array.


Pointer to the properties structure that represents IPCT assigned to given index.

struct nrfx_interconnect_ipct_t
#include <nrfx_interconnect_ipct.h>

IPCT properties structure.

Public Members

NRF_IPCT_Type *p_ipct

Pointer to IPCT instance.

nrfx_atomic_t *p_ipct_channels

Pointer to the mask of available IPCT channels.

uint32_t ipct_pub_channels_mask

Mask of configurable IPCT publish channels.

uint32_t ipct_sub_channels_mask

Mask of configurable IPCT subscribe channels.