TBM driver

group nrfx_tbm

Trace Buffer Monitor (TBM) driver.



tbm default configuration.


typedef void (*nrfx_tbm_event_handler_t)(nrf_tbm_event_t event)

tbm driver data ready handler type.

Param event:



nrfx_err_t nrfx_tbm_init(nrfx_tbm_config_t const *p_config, nrfx_tbm_event_handler_t handler)

Function for initializing the TBM driver.

  • p_config[in] pointer to the structure with initial configuration.

  • handler[in] data handler provided by the user. if not provided, the driver is initialized in blocking mode.

Return values:
  • NRFX_SUCCESS – Driver was successfully initialized.

  • NRFX_ERROR_ALREADY – Driver was already initialized.

void nrfx_tbm_start(void)

Function for starting the TBM.

void nrfx_tbm_stop(void)

Function for stopping the TBM.

void nrfx_tbm_uninit(void)

Function for uninitializing the TBM driver.

bool nrfx_tbm_init_check(void)

Function for checking if the TBM driver is initialized.

Return values:
  • true – Driver is already initialized.

  • false – Driver is not initialized.

uint32_t nrfx_tbm_count_get(void)

Function for getting current counter value.


Current counter value.

struct nrfx_tbm_config_t
#include <nrfx_tbm.h>

Structure for TBM configuration.

Public Members

uint32_t size

Buffer size (32 bit words).

uint8_t interrupt_priority

Interrupt priority.