Zigbee toolsΒΆ

When working with Zigbee in nRF Connect SDK, you can use the following tools during Zigbee application development:

  • nRF Sniffer for 802.15.4 based on nRF52840 with Wireshark - Tool for analyzing network traffic during development.

  • NCP Host for Zigbee - ZBOSS-based tool for running the host side of the Network Co-Processor (NCP) design, distributed as a standalone zip package. It contains the full development-ready source code for host and evaluation-ready firmware for the nRF52840 DK and the nRF52840 Dongle (nRF SoC; not subject to modification), which is not yet feature-complete. The reference examples are provided for a Linux-based host.

Using Zigbee tools is optional.