Supported Zigbee features

The nRF Connect SDK’s Zigbee protocol uses the ZBOSS library, a third-party precompiled Zigbee stack. It includes all mandatory features of the Zigbee 3.0 specification and provides an Application Programming Interface to access different services. The stack comes with the following features:

  • Complete implementation of the Zigbee core specification and Zigbee Pro feature set.

  • Support for all device roles: Coordinator, Router, and End Device.

  • Zigbee Cluster Library.

  • Base Device Behavior.

  • Devices, described in former Zigbee Home Automation and Light Link profiles.

  • Zigbee Green Power Proxy Basic.

  • Experimental support for ZB_ZCL_WWAH.

  • Experimental support for Green Power Combo.

See ZBOSS Zigbee stack and pages in this user guide for more information.

The nRF Connect SDK’s Zigbee protocol also supports Zigbee firmware over-the-air updates.

For more information about Zigbee, visit the Zigbee Alliance page and read Zigbee Specification.