Configuring Matter in nRF Connect SDK

This page describes what is needed to start working with Matter in the nRF Connect SDK.

Mandatory configuration

To use the Matter protocol, enable the CONFIG_CHIP Kconfig option. Setting this option enables the Matter protocol stack and other associated Kconfig options, including CONFIG_CHIP_ENABLE_DNSSD_SRP that is required for the discovery of the Matter device using DNS-SD.

After that, make sure to set the CONFIG_CHIP_PROJECT_CONFIG Kconfig option and define the path to the configuration file that specifies Vendor ID, Product ID, and other project-specific Matter settings.

For instructions about how to set Kconfig options, see Configuring your application.

Optional configuration

After enabling the Matter protocol and defining the path to the Matter configuration file, you can enable additional options in Kconfig.

OpenThread configuration

Enabling CONFIG_CHIP automatically enables the following options related to OpenThread:

Additionally, you can enable the support for Thread Sleepy End Device in Matter by using the CONFIG_CHIP_ENABLE_SLEEPY_END_DEVICE_SUPPORT Kconfig option. This option sets the CONFIG_OPENTHREAD_MTD_SED Kconfig option.

For more information about configuring OpenThread in the nRF Connect SDK, see Configuring Thread in nRF Connect SDK.

Commissioning with NFC

You can configure the Matter protocol to use NFC tag for commissioning, instead of the default QR code.

To enable NFC for commissioning and share the onboarding payload in an NFC tag, set the CONFIG_CHIP_NFC_COMMISSIONING Kconfig option.

Logging configuration

Logging is handled with the CONFIG_LOG option. This option enables logging for both the stack and Zephyr’s Logging API.

Matter shell commands

You can enable the Matter shell library using the CONFIG_CHIP_LIB_SHELL Kconfig option. This option lets you use the Matter shell commands with Matter samples.

See Using CLI in nRF Connect examples in the Matter documentation for the list of available Matter shell commands.

Required components for Matter network

The Matter protocol is centered around the Matter network, which requires the following components to operate properly:

  • Matter controller - configured either on PC or mobile

  • Thread Border Router - configured either on PC or Raspberry Pi

For information about how to configure these components, read Configuring Matter controller and Configuring Matter development environment.