BH1749: Ambient Light Sensor IC

This sample application sets up the BH1749 color sensor to provide 8-bit measurement data every time a set threshold value (>50) is reached for the RED color channel. It also shows how to enable interrupt every time data is ready, instead of threshold trigging.


The sample supports the following device:

Hardware platforms


Board name

Board target





Building and running

This project outputs sensor data to the console. It requires a BH1749 sensor. It should work with any platform featuring a I2C peripheral interface. It does not work on QEMU. The example below uses the Thingy:91.

This sample can be found under samples/sensor/bh1749 in the nRF Connect SDK folder structure.

To build the sample with Visual Studio Code, follow the steps listed on the How to build an application page in the nRF Connect for VS Code extension documentation. See Configuring and building an application for other building scenarios, Programming an application for programming steps, and Testing and optimization for general information about testing and debugging in the nRF Connect SDK.

Sample output

The following output is displayed in the terminal:

J-Link RTT Viewer

 device is 0x20022384, name is BH1749

 Threshold trigger

 BH1749 RED: 387

 BH1749 GREEN: 753

 BH1749 BLUE: 397

 BH1749 IR: 81

 (continues when trigger level reached)