Bluetooth: Peripheral GATT Discovery Manager

The Peripheral GATT Discovery Manager sample demonstrates how to use the GATT Discovery Manager.


When connected to another device, the sample discovers the services of the connected device and outputs the service information.


Building and Running

This sample can be found under samples/bluetooth/peripheral_gatt_dm in the nRF Connect SDK folder structure.

See Building and programming a sample application for information about how to build and program the application.


After programming the sample to your dongle or development board, test it by performing the following steps. This testing procedure assumes that you are using nRF Connect for Mobile.

  1. Connect the board to the computer using a USB cable. The board is assigned a COM port (Windows) or ttyACM device (Linux), which is visible in the Device Manager.

  2. Connect to the board with a terminal emulator (for example, PuTTY). See How to connect with PuTTY for the required settings.

  3. Connect to the device from nRF Connect (the device is advertising as “Nordic Discovery Sample”). When connected, the sample starts discovering the services of the connected device.

  4. Observe that the services of the connected device are printed in the terminal emulator.


This sample uses the following nRF Connect SDK libraries:

In addition, it uses the following Zephyr libraries:

  • include/zephyr/types.h

  • lib/libc/minimal/include/errno.h

  • include/sys/printk.h

  • include/sys/byteorder.h

  • Bluetooth:

    • include/bluetooth/bluetooth.h

    • include/bluetooth/hci.h

    • include/bluetooth/conn.h

    • include/bluetooth/uuid.h

    • include/bluetooth/gatt.h