LwM2M carrier

You can use the LwM2M carrier library in your nRF91 application in order to connect to the LwM2M operator network. Integrating this library into an application causes the device to connect to the operator’s device management platform autonomously. Two examples of such device management platforms are Verizon’s Thingspace and AT&T’s IoT Platform.


It is mandatory to include the LwM2M carrier library in any Verizon or AT&T certified products.

This library uses LwM2M protocol to communicate with device manager platforms, but it does not expose an LwM2M API to your application. If you want to use LwM2M for other purposes, see Lightweight M2M (LWM2M).

The nRF9160: LwM2M carrier sample demonstrates how to run this library in an application. The LwM2M carrier library is also used in the nRF9160: Asset Tracker v2 application.