Using MCUboot in nRF Connect SDK

The nRF Connect SDK includes MCUboot-specific integration files located in the modules/mcuboot subfolder in the sdk-nrf repository.

You can use MCUboot in the nRF Connect SDK in one of the following roles:

See the following user guides for more information on adding, configuring, and testing MCUboot for your application build in the nRF Connect SDK:

When you add MCUboot to your application build, the files that can be used for firmware over-the-air (FOTA) upgrades are automatically generated. See the MCUboot output build files page for a list of all these files.

See the Multi-image builds page for more information on image files in multi-image builds.


When you use MCUboot in the direct-xip mode, enable the CONFIG_BOOT_BUILD_DIRECT_XIP_VARIANT Kconfig option to let the build system generate an additional set of files for the second application slot. These .hex files are identical to the ones listed above, but their names also use the mcuboot_secondary_ prefix. For example, mcuboot_secondary_app_signed.hex is created and placed in the second slot on the target device when the app_signed.hex file is placed in the first slot. For more information about the direct-xip mode, see the Equal slots (direct-xip) section in the Bootloader documentation.