Wi-Fi: Zephyr networking samples

In addition to nRF Connect SDK samples, it is possible to run selected networking samples with Wi-Fi®, provided and maintained as part of the upstream Zephyr project. The following list specifies samples that are currently supported with the Wi-Fi driver:


See Configuring your application for information about how to permanently or temporarily change the configuration.

Before you build a sample, you must configure the following Wi-Fi credentials in the overlay-nrf700x.conf file:


You can also use menuconfig to configure Wi-Fi credentials.

See Interactive Kconfig interfaces in the Zephyr documentation for instructions on how to run menuconfig.

Building and running

To build the sample with Visual Studio Code, follow the steps listed on the How to build an application page in the nRF Connect for VS Code extension documentation. See Building and programming an application for other building and programming scenarios and Testing and debugging an application for general information about testing and debugging in the nRF Connect SDK.

An overlay file, overlay-nrf700x.conf is provided to all Zephyr samples, which configures the sample to run with the Wi-Fi driver.

To build Zephyr samples for the nRF7002 DK, use the nrf7002dk_nrf5340_cpuapp build target. The following is an example of the CLI command:

west build -b nrf7002dk_nrf5340_cpuapp -- -DOVERLAY_CONFIG=overlay-nrf700x.conf

To build for the nRF7002 EK with nRF5340 DK, use the nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpuapp build target with the SHIELD CMake option set to nrf7002ek. The following is an example of the CLI command:

west build -b nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpuapp -- -DSHIELD=nrf7002ek -DOVERLAY_CONFIG=overlay-nrf700x.conf

For additional details about running a sample, refer to the respective sample in Zephyr’s Samples and Demos documentation.