Zigbee is a portable, low-power software networking protocol that provides connectivity over a mesh network based on the IEEE 802.15.4 radio protocol. It also defines an application layer that provides interoperability among all Zigbee devices.

The nRF Connect SDK provides support for developing Zigbee applications based on the third-party precompiled ZBOSS stack. This stack is included as the ZBOSS Zigbee stack library in nrfxlib (version In combination with the integrated Zephyr RTOS, Zigbee in nRF Connect SDK allows for development of low-power connected solutions.


The Zigbee stack integrated with the nRF Connect SDK is not eligible for certification. It should only be used for evaluation and prototyping, and should not be used in an end product. A fixed, production ready version of the Zigbee stack will be part of the nRF Connect SDK 2.6.0 release.

See also Zigbee samples for the list of available Zigbee samples and Libraries for Zigbee for the list of available Zigbee libraries.