Test Suites

TF-M includes two sets of test suites:

  • tf-m-tests - Standard TF-M specific regression tests

  • psa-arch-tests - Test suites for specific PSA APIs (secure storage, etc.)

These test suites can be run from Zephyr via an appropriate sample application in the samples/tfm_integration folder.

TF-M Regression Tests

The regression test suite can be run via the TF-M Regression Test Sample sample.

This sample tests various services and communication mechanisms across the NS/S boundary via the PSA APIs. They provide a useful sanity check for proper integration between the NS RTOS (Zephyr in this case) and the secure application (TF-M).

PSA Arch Tests

The PSA Arch Test suite, available via TF-M Platform Security Architecture Test Sample, contains a number of test suites that can be used to validate that PSA API specifications are being followed by the secure application, TF-M being an implementation of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA).

Only one of these suites can be run at a time, with the available test suites described via CONFIG_TFM_PSA_TEST_* KConfig flags:


The output of these test suites is required to obtain PSA Certification for your specific board, RTOS (Zephyr here), and PSA implementation (TF-M in this case).

They also provide a useful test case to validate any PRs that make meaningful changes to TF-M, such as enabling a new TF-M board target, or making changes to the core TF-M module(s). They should generally be run as a coherence check before publishing a new PR for new board support, etc.