Version 1.6.0

New major features

  • MCUboot updated to v1.9.0.

  • Mbed TLS updated to v3.1.0 (Support all required PSA Crypto APIs).

  • Enabled Secure Function (SFN) Model Partition compliance in IPC backend.

  • Interrupt support (both SLIH/FLIH) for the SFN backend.

  • MM-IOVEC Support for the SFN backend.

  • The following Secure Partitions are converted to SFN model:

    • Protected Storage

    • Internal Trusted Storage

    • Initial Attestation

  • FF-M v1.1 SFN Model supported in Profile Small.

  • HAL Separation of Library Model and IPC/SFN backend.

  • FP support for Armv8.1-M Mainline for IPC backend.

  • Simplified build output message and configurable output.

  • Halting instead of rebooting on panic in debug build type.

  • Automated testing of MCUboot BL2.

  • A new driver interface for the CC-312 runtime library as specified in the PSA Unified Driver spec [1].

  • Added reference bootloader stage 1 (BL1) bootloader for certain platforms.

  • A new CC312 ROM library for the BL1.

  • Updated documentation structure.

New security advisories

New platforms supported

Deprecated platforms


Tested platforms

The following platforms are successfully tested in this release.

  • AN519

  • AN521

  • AN547

  • B-U585I-IOT02A

  • Corstone-1000

  • Corstone-Polaris

  • LPCXpresso55S69

  • Musca-B1

  • Musca-S1

  • nrf9160

  • nrf5340


  • PSoC 64

  • STM32L562E-DK

Known issues

Some open issues are not fixed in this release.


Issue links

PSA Arch framework test suite has several known failures.

PSA Arch framework test failures [3]

Issues closed since v1.5.0

The following issues in v1.5.0 known issues list are closed.


Issue links

Arm Compiler [SDCOMP-59788]. See the Arm Compiler 6.18 release note [2] For details.


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