Version 1.5.0

New major features

  • MCUboot updated to v1.8.0.

  • Floating-Point(FP) support in SPE only.

  • Thread mode SPM.

  • Add Non-secure Client Extension (NSCE) for non-secure client ID management support.

  • Secure Function model support in framework.

  • Support Memory-mapped IOVECs.

  • Decouple documentation and binary builds.

  • Manifest tool skips disabled Secure Partitions.

  • Provisioning and OTP are supported.

  • PSA Protected Storage, Internal Trusted Storage, Initial Attestation services are converted to Stateless services.

  • Support out-of-tree build of Secure Partitions.

  • Support out-of-tree build of platform specific test suites.

  • Introduce platform binding HAL.

  • ITS enhancement for harden ITS module against invalid data in Flash.

  • Support to select/deselect single or multiple TF-M regression test cases.

  • Decouple regression test flag configuration from TF-M.

  • New platforms added. See New platforms supported for details.

New security advisories

Profile Small key ID encoding vulnerability

NSPE may access secure keys stored in TF-M Crypto service in Profile Small with Crypto key ID encoding disabled. Refer to Advisory TFMV-4 for more details. The mitigation is included in this release.

New platforms supported

Deprecated platforms

The following platform has been removed from TF-M code base.

  • arm/mps2/fvp_sse300

See Platform deprecation and removal for other platforms under deprecation process.

Tested platforms

The following platforms are successfully tested in this release.

  • AN519

  • AN521

  • AN547

  • Musca-B1

  • Musca-S1

  • STM32L562E-DK

  • PSoC 64

  • B-U585I-IOT02A


  • nRF5340

  • nRF9160

Known issues

Some open issues are not fixed in this release.


Issue links

PSA Arch Crypto test suite have several known failures.

See this link for detailed analysis of the failures.

Armclang 6.17 generates STRBT instead of STRB in privileged code.
MemManage fault occurs when the privileged code calls STRBT to access
a memory location only for privileged access.
The root cause is still under analysis by Armclang. Please use other
Armclang versions instead.

Issues closed since v1.4.0

The following issues in v1.4.0 known issues list are closed. These issues are related to platform hardware limitations or deprecated platforms and therefore won’t be fixed by TF-M.


Issue links

Protected Storage Regression test 4001 is stuck on SSE-300 in isolation
level 2 when PXN is enabled.

Image size overflow on Musca-B1 PSA Arch test suite debug build.

Build errors in PSA api tests for initial attestation.

Non Secure Image size overflow on STM32L562E-DK PSA Arch Crypto.

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