Version 1.4.0

New major features

  • Documentation restructure and enhancements.

  • PSA Crypto migrates to Mbed TLS ‘v3.0.0’.

  • First-Level Interrupt Handling (FLIH) [1] proof of concept on AN521 and MUSCA-B1.

  • Firmware Update service enhancement to support image update with dependencies.

  • Partitions get loaded with Static Load mechanism.

  • Decouple NS RTOS specific implementation from NS interface.

  • PSA Crypto API interface updated to be based on Stateless Handle.

  • MCUboot updated to version ‘TF-Mv1.4-integ’ to support multiple images in RAM_LOAD and DIRECT_XIP upgrade strategies.

  • New platforms added. See New platforms supported for details.

New security advisories

‘abort’ function may not take effect in some TF-M Crypto multi-part operations

Refer to Advisory TFMV-3 for more details. The mitigation is included in this release.

New platforms supported

Deprecated platforms

The following platforms have been removed from TF-M code base.

  • nRF5340 PDK

  • Musca_A

See Platform deprecation and removal for other platforms under deprecation process.

Tested platforms

The following platforms are successfully tested in this release.

  • AN519

  • AN521

  • AN524

  • AN547

  • LPCXpresso55S69

  • Musca-B1

  • Musca-B1 Secure Enclave

  • Musca-S1

  • M2351

  • M2354


  • nrf5340dk

  • nrf9160dk

  • PSoC 64

  • STM32L562E-DK

Known issues

Some open issues are not fixed in this release.


Issue links

PSA Arch Crypto test suite have several known failures.

See this link for detailed analysis of the failures.

Protected Storage Regression test 4001 is stuck on SSE-300 in isolation
level 2 when PXN is enabled.

NS interrupt masking prevents from executing PSA calls.

Image size overflow on Musca-B1 PSA Arch test suite debug build.

Build errors in PSA api tests for initial attestation.

Non Secure Image size overflow on STM32L562E-DK PSA Arch Crypto.

Issues fixed since 1.3.0

Issues fixed by TF-M since v1.3.0 are listed below.


Issue links

IPC Regression test fail when non-secure regression test is enabled and
secure regression test is disabled.

Panic test in PSA Arch IPC test suite generates inconsistent results
between Armclang and GNUARM.


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