Version 1.2.0

New features

  • A new build system based on Modern CMake.

  • First implementation of level 3 isolation on Musca-B1 and AN521.

  • Remove MCUBoot fork from TF-M.

  • Move test and app code to tf-m-tests repo.

  • Add Profile Medium.

  • Migrate support to Mbed TLS v2.24.

  • New platforms added. See New platforms supported for details.

  • New SPM HAL APIs including isolation API and logging API.

  • Update MCUboot version to 1.7.0-rc1.

  • Initial ITS/PS HAL for dynamic filesystem configuration.

  • Remove auto-generated files from the source tree.

New security advisories

Stack sealing

Refer to Advisory TFMV-1 for more details. A common mitigation is included in this release.

New platforms supported

Tested platforms

The following platforms are successfully tested in this release.

  • AN519

  • AN521

  • Musca-B1

  • MPS2 SSE300

  • PSoC 64

  • M2351

  • nrf5340dk

  • nrf5340pdk

  • nrf9160dk

  • LPCXpresso55S69


  • STM32L562E-DK

Known issues

Some open issues exist and will not be fixed in this release.


Issue links

PSA Arch Crypto tests have several known failures.

See this link for detailed analysis of the failures:

Issues fixed since 1.1

Issues fixed by TF-M since v1.1 are listed below.


Issue links

The eflash driver on Musca-B1 can return random failures hence
triggering random failures during PSA Arch ITS and PSA Arch PS tests.
This happens when ITS/SST is configured to use flash.

Issues closed since 1.1

The following issues are closed since v1.1. These issues are related to platform hardware limitations or 3rd-party tools and therefore won’t be fixed by TF-M.


Issue links

All the supported GNUARM toolchain versions generate corrupt veneer
code for Armv8-M baseline architecture, when the -Os optimization flag
is used. This affects the Armv8-M baseline platforms built with GNUARM
toolchain and Minsizerel build type.
It relies on an official release of GNUARM toolchain to fix this issue.

AN521 FVP soft reset via AIRCR does not reset MPC / PPC / MPU and will
cause boot failure. This is a known issue for AN521 FVP. This will
cause the system to fail to boot after a warm reset during PSA Arch FF

There are 2 additional failures for PSA-Arch Crypto tests with CC-312
other than the known failures. This is due to limitation of CC-312
implementation as it does not support MD_NONE hashing mode causing the
additional failures.

Boot up fails if there is unexpected data in flash on Musca-A. The boot
is successful and the tests pass if all the associated (PS/ITS/NV
Counter) flash areas are erased.

If the flash is not erased, boot fails on Musca-B1 when SST is using
flash for Minsizerel config.

Copyright (c) 2020-2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.