Build instructions

Please make sure you have all required software installed as explained in the TF-M getting started. The additional building materials you can find in the following links:

TF-M build steps

TF-M uses cmake to provide an out-of-source build environment. The instructions are below.

Cmake version 3.15.0 or higher is required.

Getting the source-code

cd <base folder>
git clone

To simplify documentation commands, the new created repository under trusted-firmware-m would be referenced as <TF-M base folder> and its parent, the <base folder>. Dependency management is now handled by cmake. If you wish to alter this behaviour, see Manual dependency management


Basic configuration

TF-M has many options for configuration and fine-tuning. Please check the Configuration section for details. The base configuration will be build by default with only essential modules SPM and platform hence a platform must be selected via TFM_PLATFORM options, it can be:

  • A relative path under <TF-M_root>/platform/ext/target, for example arm/mps2/an521.

  • An absolute path of target platform, mainly used for out-of-tree platform build.

  • A target platform name that is supported under <TF-M_root>/platform/ext/target, for example an521.

Build type

By default, a MinSizeRel configuration is built. Alternate build types can be specified with the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE variable. The possible types are:

  • Debug

  • RelWithDebInfo

  • Release

  • MinSizeRel - default

Debug symbols are added by default to all builds, but can be removed from Release and MinSizeRel builds by setting TFM_DEBUG_SYMBOLS to OFF.

RelWithDebInfo, Release and MinSizeRel all have different optimizations turned on and hence will produce smaller, faster code than Debug. MinSizeRel will produce the smallest code, and hence is often a good idea on RAM or flash constrained systems.

Other cmake parameters

The full list of default options is in config/config_base.cmake and explained in Build configuration. Several important options are listed below.



Default value


Build level 2 secure bootloader.



Build NS app. Required for test code.



Set TFM isolation level.



Set TFM profile.


Build secure regression tests.



Build non-secure regression tests.



Build PSA API TESTS for the given suite. Takes a PSA api SUITE as an argument (CRYPTO etc).

TF-M Profiles

TF-M Profiles are implemented as a single cmake configuration file, under the config/profile directory. A good understanding can be gained quickly by looking at the Profile configuration files, but the ultimate reference for Profiles is in TF-M Profiles.

TF-M build examples

Example: building TF-M for AN521 platform using GCC:

cd <TF-M base folder>
cmake -S . -B cmake_build -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521
cmake --build cmake_build -- install

Alternately using traditional cmake syntax

cd <TF-M base folder>
mkdir cmake_build
cd cmake_build
cmake .. -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521
make install


It is recommended to build each different build configuration in a separate build directory.

The default build uses Unix Makefiles. The -G option can be used to change this. The default build uses the GNU ARM toolchain and creates a Release build. These options can be overridden using the TFM_TOOLCHAIN_FILE and CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE parameters, as shown below

cd <TF-M base folder>
cmake -S . -B cmake_build -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -GNinja -DTFM_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=toolchain_ARMCLANG.cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
cmake --build cmake_build -- install

Regression Tests for the AN521 target platform

Regression tests can be build by using the TEST_S and TEST_NS settings. Either can be used in isolation or both can be used to enable both suites. All tests for all enabled partitions are run, along with IPC and Multicore tests if those features are enabled.

cd <TF-M base folder>
cmake -S . -B cmake_build -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -DTEST_S=ON -DTEST_NS=ON
cmake --build cmake_build -- install

Alternately using traditional cmake syntax

cd <TF-M base folder>
mkdir cmake_build
cd cmake_build
cmake .. -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -DTEST_S=ON -DTEST_NS=ON
make install

Build for PSA API tests

The build system provides support for building and integrating the PSA API tests from PSA API tests are controlled using the TEST_PSA_API variable. Enabling both regression tests and PSA API tests simultaneously is not supported.

The value of the TEST_PSA_API variable is the suite to be run.


Respectively for the corresponding service. For example, to enable the PSA API tests for the Crypto service:

cd <TF-M base folder>
cmake -S . -B cmake_build -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -DTEST_PSA_API=CRYPTO
cmake --build cmake_build -- install

Alternately using traditional cmake syntax

cd <TF-M base folder>
mkdir cmake_build
cd cmake_build
cmake .. -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -DTEST_PSA_API=CRYPTO
make install

Location of build artifacts

All build artifacts are provided in the <build_dir>/bin directory. It is not required to run make install to generate artifacts in this location.

For the purposes of maintaining compatibility with the legacy cmake build system, they are also provided in <build_dir>/install/outputs/<target_platform>/. In order to generate the artifacts in this location make install must be run.

Manual dependency management

The TF-M build system will by default fetch all dependencies with appropriate versions and store them inside the build tree. In this case, the build tree location is <build_dir>/lib/ext, and the extra libraries can be cleaned by deleting that directory.

If you have local copies already, and wish to avoid having the libraries downloaded every time the build directory is deleted, then the following variables can be set to the path to the root directory of the local repo. This will disable the automatic downloading for that dependency.


Cmake variable

Git repo URL

Mbed Crypto








For required versions of the dependencies, refer to config/config_base.cmake.


  • Some patches are required to the mbedtls repo to allow building it as part of TF-M. While these patches are being upstreamed they are stored in lib/ext/mbedcrypo. In order to use a local copy of Mbed Crypto it is required to apply all patch files in this directory.


  • CMSIS 5 is provided by the TF-M tests repo. If you wish to use a different source for CMSIS 5, it can be configured using CMSIS_5_PATH.

TF-M Tests

Dependency auto downloading is used by default. The TF-M build system downloads the tf-m-tests repo with a fixed version specified by TFM_TEST_REPO_VERSION in lib/ext/tf-m-tests/repo_config_base.cmake. The version can be a release tag or a commit hash.

Developers who want a different version of tf-m-tests can override TFM_TEST_REPO_PATH to a local copy with the desired version.

As the test repo is part of the TF-M project and coupled with TF-M repo, the version should be updated when there are dependency changes between the TF-M repo and the test repo and when there is a complete change merged in test repo.

A complete change is one or more patches that are for the same purpose, for example a new test suite or enhancements on the test cases. Patches in one change can be merge individually provided they do not break anything or cause any regressions. But the version in the TF-M gets updated only when all the patches are merged.

Example: building TF-M for AN521 platform with local Mbed Crypto

Prepare Mbed Crypto repository

This is only required to be done once. For dependencies that do not have any .patch files in their lib/ext directory the only required step is cloning the repo and checking out the correct branch.

cd <Mbed Crypto base folder>
git clone
cd mbedtls
git checkout <MBEDCRYPTO_VERSION from config_base.cmake>
git apply <TF-M base folder>/trusted-firmware-m/lib/ext/mbedcrypo/*.patch


  • <Mbed Crypto base folder> does not need to have any fixed posisition related to the TF-M repo.

Build TF-M

With new cmake syntax

cd <TF-M base folder>
cmake -S . -B cmake_build -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -DMBEDCRYPTO_PATH=<Mbed Crypto base folder>/mbedtls
cmake --build cmake_build -- install

Alternately using traditional cmake syntax

cd <TF-M base folder>
mkdir cmake_build
cd cmake_build
cmake .. -DTFM_PLATFORM=arm/mps2/an521 -DMBEDCRYPTO_PATH=<Mbed Crypto base folder>/mbedtls
make install

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