Matter (formerly Project Connected Home over IP or Project CHIP) is an open-source application layer that aims at creating a unified communication standard across smart home devices, mobile applications, and cloud services. It supports a wide range of existing technologies, including Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth® LE, and uses IPv6-based transport protocols like TCP and UDP to ensure connectivity between different kinds of networks.

Matter over Thread support is in the production state, but Matter over Wi-Fi is in an early development stage and must be treated as an experimental feature.

The nRF Connect SDK allows you to develop applications with different versions of Matter, as per the following table:

nRF Connect SDK version

Matter specification version

Matter SDK version










The Matter SDK version is taken as the base for the dedicated Matter fork, which can then include additional changes for each nRF Connect SDK release. These changes are listed in the Matter fork section of the nRF Connect SDK Release notes.

For more information about Matter compatibility, see Supported Matter versions in the nRF Connect SDK and supported Matter features per SoC.

See Matter samples for the list of available samples or Matter Weather Station for specific Matter application. If you are new to Matter, you can follow along with the video tutorials on Nordic Semiconductor’s YouTube channel, for example Developing Matter 1.0 products with nRF Connect SDK.


Matter requires the GN tool. If you are updating from the nRF Connect SDK version earlier than v1.5.0, see the GN installation instructions.