Zigbee ZCL scene helper

The Zigbee ZCL scene helper library provides a set of functions that implement the callbacks required by the ZCL scene cluster in the application. You can use this library to implement these mandatory callbacks and save the configured scenes in the non-volatile memory. For this purpose, it uses Zephyr’s Settings subsystem.

This library is capable of recalling attribute values for the following ZCL clusters:

  • On/off

  • Level control

  • Window covering

If you are implementing clusters that are not included in this list, you must implement their logic manually instead of using this library.


To enable the Zigbee ZCL scene helper library, set the CONFIG_ZIGBEE_SCENES Kconfig option.

Because the library uses Zephyr’s Settings subsystem, the application must call the following functions for the library to work correctly:

You must implement these functions in the following manner:

  • settings_subsys_init() must be called before zcl_scenes_init()

  • settings_load() must be called after zcl_scenes_init()

  • zcl_scenes_cb() must be called in the ZCL device callback:

    static void zcl_device_cb(zb_bufid_t bufid)
       zb_zcl_device_callback_param_t  *device_cb_param =
          ZB_BUF_GET_PARAM(bufid, zb_zcl_device_callback_param_t);
       switch (device_cb_param->device_cb_id) {
          if (zcl_scenes_cb(bufid) == ZB_FALSE) {
                device_cb_param->status = RET_ERROR;

Setting the CONFIG_ZIGBEE_SCENES option allows you to configure the following library-specific Kconfig options:

To configure the logging level of the library, use the CONFIG_ZIGBEE_SCENES_LOG_LEVEL Kconfig option.

API documentation

Header file: include/zigbee/zigbee_zcl_scenes.h
Source file: subsys/zigbee/lib/zigbee_scenes/zigbee_zcl_scenes.c
group zigbee_scenes

Library for handling ZCL scenes events for common clusters.

Provides ZCL callback event processing function that handles ZCL scenes commands.


void zcl_scenes_init(void)

Initialize the Zigbee ZCL scenes helper library.

This function initializes the ZCL scene table as well as registers the settings observer for restoring scene table entries.

zb_bool_t zcl_scenes_cb(zb_bufid_t bufid)

Function for passing ZCL callback events to the scenes helper library logic.

  • bufid[in] Reference to the Zigbee stack buffer used to pass event.

Return values:
  • ZB_TRUE – if the event was handled by the library

  • ZB_FALSE – if the event was not handled by the library