nRF700X Wi-Fi driver

This driver implements the Wi-Fi® protocol for the nRF700X FullMAC series of devices. FullMAC devices implement the Wi-Fi protocol in the chipset. The driver configures the chipset and transfers the frames to and from the device to the networking stack.

nRF700X is a companion IC and can be used with any Nordic Semiconductor System-on-Chips (SoCs) such as the nRF53 and nRF91 Series SoCs.

You can enable the driver by using the CONFIG_WIFI_NRF700X Kconfig option.


The following figure illustrates the architecture of the nRF700X Wi-Fi driver.

nRF700X Wi-Fi driver block diagram

nRF700X Wi-Fi driver architecture overview

Design overview

The nRF700X Wi-Fi driver follows an OS agnostic design, and the driver is implemented into OS agnostic and OS (Zephyr) specific implementation files. The OS agnostic files are located in the drivers/wifi/nrf700x/osal/ folder and the OS specific files are located in the drivers/wifi/nrf700x/zephyr/ folder.

The driver is designed to be used with the Zephyr networking stack. It is implemented as a network interface driver.

The driver supports the following IEEE 802.11 features:

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) support

  • WPA3/WPA2 personal security

  • IEEE 802.11 Power Save modes

  • Scan only mode

  • IEEE 802.11 Station (STA) mode

The following features are in the driver code but not yet supported:

  • IEEE 802.11 AP mode (Soft AP)

  • Wi-Fi Direct mode

Except for scan only mode, the driver uses host access point daemon (hostapd) to implement AP Media Access Control (MAC) Sublayer Management Entity (AP MLME) and wpa_supplicant to implement 802.1X supplicant.

Driver to nRF700X communication

The driver communicates with the nRF700X device using the QSPI/SPI interface. The driver uses the QSPI/SPI interface to send commands to the nRF700X device, and to transfer the data to and from the device. The nRF7002 DK uses QSPI whereas the nRF7002 EK uses SPI.

To connect the nRF7002 EK to the SoC, the nrf7002ek_nrf7002 shield is required.

Radio Test mode

The nRF700X Wi-Fi driver supports Radio Test mode, which can be used to test the RF performance of the nRF700X device. This is a build time option and can be enabled by using the CONFIG_NRF700X_RADIO_TEST Kconfig option.

For more details about using this driver in Radio Test mode, see Wi-Fi: Radio test.

API documentation

Source folder: drivers/wifi/nrf700x/

After the nrf700x driver has been initialized, the application will see it as an Ethernet interface. To use the Ethernet interface, the application can use Zephyr Network APIs.