EDAC Shell Sample


This sample demonstrates the EDAC driver API in a simple EDAC shell sample.

Building and Running

This project can be built and executed on as following example for the Elkhart Lake CRB board:

west build -b ehl_crb samples/subsys/edac
west build -t run

Sample output

Getting help

After the application has started help can be read with the following command:

uart:~$ edac -h
edac - EDAC information
  info    :Show EDAC information
           edac info <subcommands>
  inject  :Inject ECC error commands
           edac inject <subcommands>

Help for subcommand info can be read with:

uart:~$ edac info -h
info - Show EDAC information
       edac info <subcommands>
  ecc_error     :ECC Error Show / Clear commands
  parity_error  :Parity Error Show / Clear commands

Injection help can be received with:

uart:~$ edac inject -h
inject - Inject ECC error commands
         edac inject <subcommands>
  addr          :Get / Set physical address
  mask          :Get / Set address mask
  trigger       :Trigger injection
  error_type    :Get / Set injection error type
  disable_nmi   :Disable NMI
  enable_nmi    :Enable NMI
  test_default  :Test default injection parameters

Testing Error Injection

Set Error Injection parameters with:

uart:~$ edac inject addr 0x1000
Set injection address base to: 0x1000

uart:~$ edac inject mask 0x7fffffffc0
Set injection address mask to 7fffffffc0

uart:~$ edac inject error_type correctable
Set injection error type: correctable

Trigger injection with:

uart:~$ edac inject trigger
Triggering injection

Now Read / Write to the injection address to trigger Error Injection with following devmem commands:

uart:~$ devmem 0x1000 32 0xabcd
Mapped 0x1000 to 0x2ffcf000

Using data width 32
Writing value 0xabcd

uart:~$ devmem 0x1000
Mapped 0x1000 to 0x2ffce000

Using data width 32
Read value 0xabcd

We should get the following message on screen indicating an IBECC event:

Got notification about IBECC event