Thread protocol


Thread is a low-power mesh networking technology, designed specifically for home automation applications. It is an IPv6-based standard, which uses 6LoWPAN technology over IEEE 802.15.4 protocol. IP connectivity lets you easily connect a Thread mesh network to the internet with a Thread Border Router.

The Thread specification provides a high level of network security. Mesh networks built with Thread are secure - only authenticated devices can join the network and all communications within the mesh are encrypted. More information about Thread protocol can be found at Thread Group website.

Zephyr integrates an open source Thread protocol implementation called OpenThread, documented on the OpenThread website.

Internet connectivity

A Thread Border Router is required to connect mesh network to the internet. An open source implementation of Thread Border Router is provided by the OpenThread community. See OpenThread Border Router guide for instructions on how to set up a Border Router.

Sample usage

You can try using OpenThread with the Zephyr Echo server and Echo client samples, which provide out-of-the-box configuration for OpenThread. To enable OpenThread support in these samples, build them with overlay-ot.conf overlay config file. See Socket Echo Server and Socket Echo Client for details.