Network Shell

Network shell provides helpers for figuring out network status, enabling/disabling features, and issuing commands like ping or DNS resolving. Note that net-shell should probably not be used in production code as it will require extra memory. See also generic shell for detailed shell information.

The following net-shell commands are implemented:

Table 37 net-shell commands



net allocs

Print network memory allocations. Only available if CONFIG_NET_DEBUG_NET_PKT_ALLOC is set.

net arp

Print information about IPv4 ARP cache. Only available if CONFIG_NET_ARP is set in IPv4 enabled networks.

net capture

Monitor network traffic See Monitor Network Traffic for details.

net conn

Print information about network connections.

net dns

Show how DNS is configured. The command can also be used to resolve a DNS name. Only available if CONFIG_DNS_RESOLVER is set.

net events

Enable network event monitoring. Only available if CONFIG_NET_MGMT_EVENT_MONITOR is set.

net gptp

Print information about gPTP support. Only available if CONFIG_NET_GPTP is set.

net iface

Print information about network interfaces.

net ipv6

Print IPv6 specific information and configuration. Only available if CONFIG_NET_IPV6 is set.

net mem

Print information about network memory usage. The command will print more information if CONFIG_NET_BUF_POOL_USAGE is set.

net nbr

Print neighbor information. Only available if CONFIG_NET_IPV6 is set.

net ping

Ping a network host.

net route

Show IPv6 network routes. Only available if CONFIG_NET_ROUTE is set.

net stats

Show network statistics.

net tcp

Connect/send data/close TCP connection. Only available if CONFIG_NET_TCP is set.

net vlan

Show Ethernet virtual LAN information. Only available if CONFIG_NET_VLAN is set.