All the notable changes to this project are documented on this page.

nRF Connect SDK v2.2.0

All the notable changes included in the nRF Connect SDK v2.2.0 release are documented in this section.


  • Added the library variant for the nRF5340 network core.

  • Added DPPI to glue layer.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the nrf_gzll_init() function to avoid calling memcpy() with the same addresses.

  • Applied workarounds for nRF5340 anomalies 117 and 158.

nRF Connect SDK v1.8.0

Initial release.


  • Added the libgzll.a library variant, in both soft-float and hard-float builds, for the following nRF52 Series SoCs:

    • nRF52810

    • nRF52811

    • nRF52820

    • nRF52832

    • nRF52833

    • nRF52840