Zigbee tools

The tools listed on this page can be helpful when developing your Zigbee application with the nRF Connect SDK.

nRF Sniffer for 802.15.4

The nRF Sniffer for 802.15.4 is a tool for learning about and debugging applications that are using protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4, like Thread or Zigbee. It provides a near real-time display of 802.15.4 packets that are sent back and forth between devices, even when the link is encrypted.

See nRF Sniffer for 802.15.4 for documentation.


The NCP Host is a ZBOSS-based tool for running the host side of the Network Co-Processor (NCP) design. It contains the full development-ready source code for host and evaluation-ready firmware for the nRF52840 DK, the nRF52833 DK, and the nRF52840 Dongle. The package comes with prebuilt libraries compatible with 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04 Linux.

The tool is available for download as a standalone zip package using the following link:

For information about how to recompile the package libraries for a different host architecture or operating system, see the NCP Host documentation. For information about how to use NCP Host for Zigbee in the nRF Connect SDK or build the firmware using the NCP sample, see the NCP sample.

Zigbee endpoint logger

The Zigbee endpoint logger library provides the zigbee_logger_eprxzcl_ep_handler() function. You can use this endpoint handler function for parsing incoming ZCL frames and logging their fields and command payload.

The library can work as a partial replacement of nRF Sniffer for 802.15.4 for debugging and testing purposes. Unlike the sniffer, it provides logging information only for incoming ZCL frames on a specific device.

See Zigbee endpoint logger for documentation.