SO_TXTIME sample


This sample is a simple UDP sender/receiver which will set the SO_TXTIME socket option and expects the Ethernet driver to send the data when the TX time is expected. The application requires that the board has PTP clock support. A simulated PTP clock is provided for qemu_x86 board. Also frdm_k64f and sam_e70_xplained boards are supported. Other mcux or gmac Ethernet driver based boards should work too. User can control how long the application should wait between packets sent by setting CONFIG_NET_SAMPLE_PACKET_INTERVAL option. Also the TXTIME value can be specified in the config file by setting the CONFIG_NET_SAMPLE_PACKET_TXTIME option. In this case the value is used as an offset from the current time.

Building and Running

When the application is run, it starts to send UDP packets. You can start echo-server application from net-tools project to catch these and send the data back to this application. Optionally you can set CONFIG_NET_SAMPLE_PACKET_SOCKET option, which makes the application to create an AF_PACKET type socket. In this case, the echo-server application cannot be used as a peer.

This sample can be built and executed on qemu_x86 board as described in Networking with the host system.