nRF LED matrix sample


This is a simple application intended to present the nRF LED matrix display driver in action and to serve as a test ensuring that this driver is buildable for both the BBC MicroBit V2 and BBC MicroBit boards.


The sample has been tested on the bbc_microbit_v2 and bbc_microbit boards, but it could be ported to any board with an nRF SoC and the proper number of GPIOs available for driving a LED matrix. To do it, one needs to add an overlay file with the corresponding "nordic,nrf-led-matrix" compatible node.

Building and Running

The code can be found in samples/boards/nrf/nrf_led_matrix.

To build and flash the application:

west build -b bbc_microbit_v2 samples/boards/nrf/nrf_led_matrix
west flash