Enabling Matter in Kconfig

To use the Matter protocol, set the CONFIG_CHIP Kconfig option. This option enables the Matter protocol stack and other associated features and components, such as C++ support or Zephyr networking layer.

For instructions about how to set Kconfig options, see Configuring your application. For a list of advanced Matter Kconfig options, see Advanced Matter Kconfig options.

Kconfig option structure

The Kconfig options for Matter applications in the nRF Connect SDK are stored in the following files:

  • prj.conf files, which are specific to the application.

  • Kconfig.defaults file, which is available in the module/lib/matter/config/nrfconnect/chip-module directory and is used to populate prj.conf with Kconfig option settings common to all samples.

The Matter samples use the same structure for other software images, such as MCUboot, Multiprotocol RPMsg or HCI RPMsg, which have default options defined in the corresponding Kconfig.mcuboot.defaults, Kconfig.multiprotocol_rpmsg.defaults and Kconfig.hci_rpmsg.defaults files.

For an example configuration, see the Matter Template sample’s prj.conf files in the sample root directory.

Configuration options for other modules

Because Matter is an application layer protocol on top of the other IPv6-based transport protocols (see Matter architecture), it uses multiple software modules with their own configuration options to provide the communication between the devices and the necessary functionalities. It uses modules such as Bluetooth® LE, the IPv6 stack (for example Thread), nRF Security, or MCUboot. Make sure to review the configuration options of these modules when configuring Matter.