Multiprotocol Service Layer assert

The Multiprotocol Service Layer assert library makes it possible to add a custom assert handler to the Multiprotocol Service Layer library. You can then use this assert handler to print custom error messages or log assert information.

CONFIG_MPSL_ASSERT_HANDLER enables the custom assert handler. If enabled, the application must provide the definition of mpsl_assert_handle(). The mpsl_assert_handle() function is invoked whenever the MPSL code encounters an unrecoverable error.

API documentation

Header file: include/mpsl/mpsl_assert.h
group mpsl_assert

MPSL assert.


void mpsl_assert_handle(char *file, uint32_t line)

Application-defined sink for the MPSL assertion mechanism.

  • file – The file name where the assertion occurred.

  • line – The line number where the assertion occurred.