Distance Measurement models

The Distance Measurement vendor models allow users to measure distance between different Bluetooth® mesh devices.

The Distance Measurement models also feature their own common types, listed below. For types common to all models, see Bluetooth mesh models.

Common types

This section lists the types common to Distance Measurement vendor models.

Header file: include/bluetooth/mesh/vnd/dm_common.h
group bt_mesh_dm

Common API for the Distance Measurement models.


struct bt_mesh_dm_res_entry
#include <dm_common.h>

Parameters for the Distance Measurement Result entry.

Public Members

enum dm_ranging_mode mode

Mode used for ranging.

enum dm_quality quality

Quality indicator.

bool err_occurred

Indicator if an error occurred.

uint16_t addr

Unicast address of the node distance was measured with.

uint16_t rtt

Distance estimate based on RTT measurement.

uint16_t best

Distance estimate based on IFFT of spectrum.

uint16_t ifft

Distance estimate based on average phase slope estimation.

uint16_t phase_slope

Distance estimate based on Friis path loss formula.

uint16_t rssi_openspace

Best effort distance estimate.

struct bt_mesh_dm_res_entry.[anonymous].[anonymous] mcpd

Multi-carrier phase difference measurement.

union bt_mesh_dm_res_entry.[anonymous] res

Container of distance estimate results for a number of different methods, expressed in centimeters.

struct bt_mesh_dm_cfg
#include <dm_common.h>

Parameters for the Distance Measurement Config.

Public Members

uint8_t ttl

Time to live for sync message.

uint8_t timeout

Timeout for distance measurement procedure in 100 ms per step.

uint8_t delay

Reflector start delay.