Using the carrier library

The application supports the nRF Connect SDK LwM2M carrier library that you can use to connect to the operator’s device management platform. See the library’s documentation for more information and configuration options.

To enable the LwM2M carrier library, add the parameter -DOVERLAY_CONFIG=overlay-carrier.conf to your build command.

The CA root certificates that are needed for modem FOTA are not provisioned in the Asset Tracker v2 application. You can flash the nRF9160: LwM2M carrier sample to write the certificates to modem before flashing the Asset Tracker v2 application, or use the nRF9160: AT Client sample as explained in Preparing the nRF9160: LwM2M Client sample for production. It is also possible to modify the Asset Tracker v2 project itself to include the certificate provisioning, as demonstrated in the nRF9160: LwM2M carrier sample.

int lwm2m_carrier_event_handler(const lwm2m_carrier_event_t *event)
        switch (event->type) {