Espressif ESP32 SPIRAM test


This sample allocates memory from internal DRAM and SPIRAM by calling k_malloc(), frees allocated memory by calling k_free() and checks if memory can be allocated again. Capability of allocated memory is decided by ESP_HEAP_MIN_EXTRAM_THRESHOLD. If size is less than ESP_HEAP_MIN_EXTRAM_THRESHOLD, memory is allocated from internal DRAM. If size is greater than ESP_HEAP_MIN_EXTRAM_THRESHOLD, memory is allocated from SPIRAM.

Supported SoCs

The following SoCs are supported by this sample code so far:

  • ESP32

  • ESP32-S2

Building and Running

Make sure you have your board connected over USB port.

west build -b esp32 samples/boards/esp32/spiram_test
west flash

If using another supported Espressif board, replace the argument in the above command with a proper board name (e.g., esp32s2_saola).

Sample Output

To check output of this sample, run west espressif monitor or any other serial console program (e.g., minicom, putty, screen, etc). This example uses west espressif monitor, which automatically detects the serial port at /dev/ttyUSB0:

$ west espressif monitor
mem test ok! 209
SPIRAM mem test pass
mem test ok! 194
Internal mem test pass