Zephyr 3.2.0 (Working Draft)

The following sections provide detailed lists of changes by component.

Known issues

API Changes

Changes in this release

  • Changed spi_cs_control to remove anonymous struct. This causes possible breakage for static initialization of the struct. Updated SPI_CS_CONTROL_PTR_DT to reflect this change.

Removed APIs in this release

  • The following functions, macros, and structures related to the deprecated kernel work queue API have been removed:

    • k_work_pending()

    • k_work_q_start()

    • k_delayed_work

    • k_delayed_work_init()

    • k_delayed_work_submit_to_queue()

    • k_delayed_work_submit()

    • k_delayed_work_pending()

    • k_delayed_work_cancel()

    • k_delayed_work_remaining_get()

    • k_delayed_work_expires_ticks()

    • k_delayed_work_remaining_ticks()


  • Removed support for enabling passthrough mode on MPU9150 to AK8975 sensor.

  • Removed deprecated SPI spi_cs_control fields for GPIO management that have been replaced with gpio_dt_spec.

Deprecated in this release

Stable API changes in this release

New APIs in this release


  • Source files using multiple SYS_INIT macros with the same initialisation function must now use SYS_INIT_NAMED with unique names per instance.


  • ARM

    • AARCH32

    • AARCH64

  • Xtensa


  • Audio

  • Direction Finding

  • Host

    • Added bt_conn_auth_cb_overlay() to overlay authentication callbacks for a Bluetooth LE connection.

    • Removed CONFIG_BT_HCI_ECC_STACK_SIZE. The Bluetooth long workqueue (CONFIG_BT_LONG_WQ) is used for processing ECC commands instead of the dedicated thread.

  • Mesh

  • Controller

  • HCI Driver

Boards & SoC Support

  • Added support for these SoC series:

  • Removed support for these SoC series:

  • Made these changes in other SoC series:

  • Changes for ARC boards:

  • Added support for these ARM boards:

  • Added support for these ARM64 boards:

  • Removed support for these ARM boards:

  • Removed support for these X86 boards:

  • Added support for these RISC-V boards:

  • Made these changes in other boards:

  • Added support for these following shields:

Drivers and Sensors

  • ADC

  • CAN

  • Counter

  • DAC

  • Disk

  • DMA


  • Entropy

  • Ethernet

  • Flash

  • GPIO

  • I2C

  • I2S

  • Interrupt Controller

  • MBOX

  • MEMC

  • Pin control

  • PWM

  • Sensor

  • Serial

  • SPI

  • Timer

  • USB

  • Watchdog

    • Added support for Raspberry Pi Pico watchdog.



Build System


  • API

  • Bindings

Libraries / Subsystems



Trusted Firmware-m


Tests and Samples