CC310 entropy driver

You can use the CC310 entropy driver (entropy_cc310) to generate random data using the Arm CryptoCell CC310 hardware available on the following Nordic SoCs/SiPs:

  • nRF52840

  • nRF5340

  • nRF9160

When used with nRF52840, the CC310 entropy driver gathers entropy by using the CC310 hardware through the nrf_cc3xx_platform library. When used with nRF5340 or nRF9160, the driver behavior depends on whether it is used in a secure or non-secure application:

For more details on secure and non-secure applications, see Working with nRF5340 DK and Developing with nRF9160 DK.

API documentation

Header file: zephyr/include/drivers/entropy.h (in the nRF Connect SDK project)
Source file: drivers/entropy/entropy_cc310.c

The entropy_cc3xx driver implements the Zephyr Entropy API.