RAM Power Down

The RAM Power Down library is a basic module for disabling unused sections of RAM, which allows to save power in low power applications.

To disable unused RAM sections, call power_down_unused_ram(). This function will automatically disable all memory regions that are not used by the application.


power_down_unused_ram() powers down memory regions that are outside of the _image_ram_end boundary. Accessing RAM that is powered down results in a bus fault exception. Working with an indirectly accessed memory that is not associated with any variable or a memory segment does not cause the _image_ram_end symbol to increase its value. For this reason, do not access powered down RAM sections when using this power optimization method.

API documentation

Header file: include/ram_pwrdn.h
Source files: lib/ram_pwrdn/
group ram_pwrdn

Module for disabling unused sections of RAM.


void power_down_unused_ram(void)

Request powering down unused RAM sections.

Not all devices support this feature.