Building Android CHIPTool

Android CHIPTool is an application for Android for commissioning and controlling CHIP accessory devices.

CHIPTool offers the following features:

  • Scan a CHIP QR code and display payload information to the user

  • Read the NFC tag containing CHIP onboarding information

  • Commission a CHIP device

  • Send echo requests to the CHIP echo server

  • Send on/off cluster requests to a CHIP device

Source files

You can find source files of the Android CHIPTool application in the src/android/CHIPTool directory.

Requirements for building

You need Android SDK 21 & NDK downloaded to your machine. Set the $ANDROID_HOME environment variable to where the SDK is downloaded and the $ANDROID_NDK_HOME environment variable to point to where the NDK package is downloaded.


TARGET_CPU can have the following values, depending on your smartphone CPU architecture:

armeabi-v7a arm
arm64-v8a arm64
x86 x86
x86_64 x64

Building Android CHIPTool

Complete the following steps to build CHIPTool:

  1. Check out the CHIP repository.

  2. In the command line, run the following command from the top CHIP directory:

    TARGET_CPU=arm64 ./scripts/examples/

    See the table above for other values of TARGET_CPU.

  3. Open the project in Android Studio and run Sync Project with Gradle Files.

  4. Use one of the following options to build an Android package:

    • Click Make Project in Android Studio.

    • Run the following command in the command line:

      cd src/android/CHIPTool
      ./gradlew build

The debug Android package app-debug.apk will be generated at src/android/CHIPTool/app/build/outputs/apk/debug/.