Device Firmware Upgrade target API

Type: bool


No defaults. Implicitly defaults to n.

Symbols that imply this symbol

Kconfig definition

At <nRF>/subsys/dfu/dfu_target/Kconfig:9

Included via <Zephyr>/Kconfig:8<Zephyr>/Kconfig.zephyr:31<Zephyr>/modules/Kconfig:6<nRF>/doc/_build/kconfig/Kconfig.modules:2<nRF>/Kconfig.nrf:54<nRF>/subsys/Kconfig:12<nRF>/subsys/dfu/Kconfig:9

Menu path: (Top) → Modules → nrf (/home/runner/work/sdk-nrf/sdk-nrf/ncs/nrf) → Nordic nRF Connect → DFU → DFU

menuconfig DFU_TARGET
    bool "Device Firmware Upgrade target API"

(The ‘depends on’ condition includes propagated dependencies from ifs and menus.)