Blinky is a simple application which blinks an LED forever using the GPIO API in low power context.


You will see this error if you try to build Blinky for an unsupported board:

Unsupported board: led0 devicetree alias is not defined

The board must have an LED connected via a GPIO pin. These are called “User LEDs” on many of Zephyr’s Supported Boards. The LED must be configured using the led0 devicetree alias. This is usually done in the BOARD.dts file or a devicetree overlay.

The board should support enabling PM.

Building and Running

Build and flash Blinky as follows, changing nucleo_l476rg for your board:

west build -b nucleo_l476rg samples/basic/blinky
west flash

After flashing, the LED starts to blink. Blinky does not print to the console.