Bindings index

This page documents the available devicetree bindings. See Devicetree bindings for an introduction to the Zephyr bindings file format.

Vendor index

This section contains an index of hardware vendors. Click on a vendor’s name to go to the list of bindings for that vendor.

Bindings by vendor

This section contains available bindings, grouped by vendor. Within each group, bindings are listed by the “compatible” property they apply to, like this:

Vendor name (vendor prefix)

  • <compatible-A>

  • <compatible-B> (on <bus-name> bus)

  • <compatible-C>

The text “(on <bus-name> bus)” appears when bindings may behave differently depending on the bus the node appears on. For example, this applies to some sensor device nodes, which may appear as children of either I2C or SPI bus nodes.

Aptina Imaging (aptina)

Asahi Kasei Corp. (asahi-kasei)

ASMedia Technology Inc. (asmedia)

Avago Technologies (avago)

Broadcom Corporation (brcm)

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (cadence)

FocalTech Systems Co.,Ltd (focaltech)

Freescale Semiconductor (fsl)

ILI Technology Corporation (ILITEK) (ilitek)

Infineon Technologies (infineon)

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (jedec)

Measurement Specialties (meas)

NXP Semiconductors (nxp)

OmniVision Technologies (ovti) (opencores)

Panasonic Corporation (panasonic)

Plantower Co., Ltd (plantower)

QEMU, a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer (qemu)

QuickLogic Corp. (quicklogic)

RISC-V Foundation (riscv)

Rocktech Displays Limited (rocktech)

SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH (segger)

Sensirion AG (sensirion)

Sharp Corporation (sharp)

Sierra Wireless (swir)

Sitronix Technology Corporation (sitronix)

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (skyworks)

Smart Battery System (sbs)

Standard Microsystems Corporation (smsc)

STMicroelectronics (st)

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc (vishay)

Würth Elektronik GmbH. (we)