Additional Zephyr extension commands

This page documents miscellaneous Zephyr Extensions.

Listing boards: west boards

The boards command can be used to list the boards that are supported by Zephyr without having to resort to additional sources of information.

It can be run by typing:

west boards

This command lists all supported boards in a default format. If you prefer to specify the display format yourself you can use the --format (or -f) flag:

west boards -f "{arch}:{name}"

Additional help about the formatting options can be found by running:

west boards -h

Installing CMake packages: west zephyr-export

This command registers the current Zephyr installation as a CMake config package in the CMake user package registry.

In Windows, the CMake user package registry is found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kitware\CMake\Packages.

In Linux and MacOS, the CMake user package registry is found in. ~/.cmake/packages.

You may run this command when setting up a Zephyr workspace. If you do, application CMakeLists.txt files that are outside of your workspace will be able to find the Zephyr repository with the following:


See share/zephyr-package/cmake for details.