All notable changes to this project are documented in this file.

nRF Connect SDK v1.6.1

No changes in this release.

nRF Connect SDK v1.6.0

No changes in this release.

nRF Connect SDK v1.5.0

No changes in this release.

nRF Connect SDK v1.4.0


  • Added support for non-secure firmware image to the NFC T2T and NFC T4T libraries. A non-secure image can only be run on nRF devices that support Trusted Execution (e.g. nRF5340).

  • Added Frame Waiting Time (FWT) management logic to the NFC T4T library. FWT is changed now according to the ISO-DEP timing requirements (e.g. WTX frame).

NFC 0.4.0

Added Type 2 Tag and Type 4 Tag NFC libraries for the nRF5340 device. Both libraries are compiled for the Cortex-M33 CPU in hard and soft float variants.


  • Added the NFC T2T library for the nRF5340 device: libnfct2t_nrf53.a.

  • Added the NFC T4T library for the nRF5340 device: libnfct4t_nrf53.a.

  • Added a feature to the NFC T4T library that allows the user to change the NDEF buffer when the NFC stack is already initialized and running.

NFC 0.3.0

Fixed minor bugs in the NFC libraries.


  • Modified the NFC platform module (nfc_platform_zephyr.c) to use the Zephyr Clock Controller driver.

  • Fixed the behavior of the Type 2 Tag library (libnfct2t_nrf52.a) when receiving an unsupported WRITE command.

NFC 0.2.0

The NFC libraries now use the NFCT driver instead of the NFC HAL modules. The NFCT driver is a part of nrfx repository.


  • Added the NFC platform module to abstract runtime environment specific implementation:

    • nfc_platform_zephyr.c


  • Removed the NFC HAL modules (replaced by the NFCT driver):

    • hal_nfc_t2t.c

    • hal_nfc_t4t.c

NFC 0.1.0

Initial release.


  • Added the following NFC libraries in both soft-float and hard-float builds:

    • libnfct2t_nrf52.a

    • libnfct4t_nrf52.a