Build and configuration system

The nRF Connect SDK build and configuration system is based on the one from Zephyr, with some additions.

Zephyr’s build and configuration system

Zephyr’s build and configuration system uses the following building blocks as a foundation:

  • CMake, the cross-platform build system generator

  • Kconfig, a powerful configuration system also used in the Linux kernel

  • Devicetree, a hardware description language that is used to describe the hardware that the nRF Connect SDK is to run on

Since the build and configuration system used by the nRF Connect SDK comes from Zephyr, references to the original Zephyr documentation are provided here in order to avoid duplication. See the following links for information about the different building blocks mentioned above:

  • Application Development is a complete guide to application development with Zephyr, including the build and configuration system.

  • CMake Details describes in-depth the usage of CMake for Zephyr-based applications.

  • Kconfig Configuration contains a guide for Kconfig usage in applications.

  • Set devicetree overlays explains how to use devicetree and its overlays to customize an application’s devicetree.

nRF Connect SDK additions

The nRF Connect SDK adds some functionality on top of the Zephyr build and configuration system. Those additions are automatically included into the Zephyr build system using a Zephyr Build Configuration CMake package.

You must be aware of these additions when you start writing your own applications based on this SDK.

  • The nRF Connect SDK provides an additional boilerplate.cmake that is automatically included when using the Zephyr CMake package in the CMakeLists.txt file of your application:

    find_package(Zephyr HINTS $ENV{ZEPHYR_BASE})
  • The nRF Connect SDK allows you to create custom build type files instead of using a single prj.conf file.

  • The nRF Connect SDK build system extends Zephyr’s with support for multi-image builds. You can find out more about these in the Multi-image builds section.

  • The nRF Connect SDK adds a partition manager, responsible for partitioning the available flash memory.