(No prompt – not directly user assignable.)

Type: bool

Direct dependencies


(Includes any dependencies from ifs and menus.)


No defaults. Implicitly defaults to n.

Symbols that select this symbol

Kconfig definition

At soc/arm/nordic_nrf/nrf52/Kconfig.soc:231

Included via Kconfig:8Kconfig.zephyr:32soc/Kconfig:12soc/arm/nordic_nrf/Kconfig:17

Menu path: (Top) → Hardware Configuration

config SOC_NRF52840
    select CPU_HAS_FPU
    select HAS_HW_NRF_ACL
    select HAS_HW_NRF_CC310
    select HAS_HW_NRF_CCM
    select HAS_HW_NRF_CLOCK
    select HAS_HW_NRF_COMP
    select HAS_HW_NRF_ECB
    select HAS_HW_NRF_EGU0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_EGU1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_EGU2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_EGU3
    select HAS_HW_NRF_EGU4
    select HAS_HW_NRF_EGU5
    select HAS_HW_NRF_GPIO0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_GPIO1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_GPIOTE
    select HAS_HW_NRF_I2S
    select HAS_HW_NRF_LPCOMP
    select HAS_HW_NRF_MWU
    select HAS_HW_NRF_NFCT
    select HAS_HW_NRF_PDM
    select HAS_HW_NRF_POWER
    select HAS_HW_NRF_PPI
    select HAS_HW_NRF_PWM0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_PWM1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_PWM2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_PWM3
    select HAS_HW_NRF_QDEC
    select HAS_HW_NRF_QSPI
    select HAS_HW_NRF_RADIO_IEEE802154
    select HAS_HW_NRF_RNG
    select HAS_HW_NRF_RTC0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_RTC1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_RTC2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SAADC
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPI0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPI1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPI2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIM0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIM1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIM2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIM3
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIS0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIS1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SPIS2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SWI0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SWI1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SWI2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SWI3
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SWI4
    select HAS_HW_NRF_SWI5
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TEMP
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TIMER0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TIMER1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TIMER2
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TIMER3
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TIMER4
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TWI0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TWI1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TWIM0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TWIM1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TWIS0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_TWIS1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_UART0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_UARTE0
    select HAS_HW_NRF_UARTE1
    select HAS_HW_NRF_USBD
    select HAS_HW_NRF_WDT
    depends on SOC_SERIES_NRF52X && SOC_FAMILY_NRF

(The ‘depends on’ condition includes propagated dependencies from ifs and menus.)